Special Education Assistant #399 - Turner Elementary School

Special Education Assistant #399 - Turner Elementary School
Benicia Unified School District
Date Posted:
Maria Silva
Number Openings: (At time of posting)
Length of Work Year:
5 Hours/Day - 194 Days/Year (180 Work Days and 14 Paid Holidays)
Employment Type:
Part Time
Application Deadline:
Until Filled
$16.06-$18.44/hour - Range 31 CSEA1096 Salary Schedule
Date Posted:
11/9/2017 Application Deadline:
Until Filled Employment Type:
Part Time Length of Work Year:
5 Hours/Day - 194 Days/Year (180 Work Days and 14 Paid Holidays) Salary:
$16.06-$18.44/hour - Range 31 CSEA1096 Salary Schedule Number Openings: (At time of posting)
1 Contact: Maria Silva Email: msilva@beniciaunified.org Phone:
Job Description / Essential Elements: Print
Under supervision, to assist teachers in special education and special needs classroom operations; to assist teachers in instruction and the reinforcement of instruction of students, who have been identified with learning disabilities, individually and in small; to provide student and program record keeping and clerical support; and to perform related work as required.
Positions assigned to this class assist classroom teachers and instructional specialists in a variety of special education and special needs programs and instructional settings. Incumbents have as a primary and continuing assignment the support and reinforcement of, the administration and scoring of tests, and the performance of routine program and student related clerical work. Incumbents of this class spend the majority of their assigned time working with students who have identified learning disabilities in a classroom setting in the presence of a certificated teacher. During a continuing process of on-the-job training, incumbents gain increased independence in planning their work with individual students and groups within the frameworks established by the classroom teacher. Incumbents may be assigned to specialized learning programs and may learn the characteristics of the program through on-the-job training and workshop attendance; however, the entrance requirements of all positions in this class are highly similar, except where personality may be a factor in the final selection. Positions in this class are differentiated from Instructional Assistant positions in that incumbents of this class work specifically with students with identified learning disabilities. Incumbents assigned to provide specialized medical assistance to students receive training specific to the assigned functions.
The tasks listed in this section are representative of duties assigned to positions in this class. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the tasks assigned to positions in the class, and it is not expected that all of the tasks listed are necessarily assigned to all positions in the class.
Reinforce skills taught by teacher and instruct students in small groups or one-on-one in various curriculum areas related to student's need; supervise students and/or continue lessons in the case of short-term teacher absence; assist students with class work and help them to stay on task; assist students with beginning computer skills; introduce strategies to improve reading and mathematics skills; assist students with English language acquisition; verbally model correct articulation of words and phrases for students to imitate; assist students with researching and completing written reports.
Prepare study guides for students prior to testing; administer tests to students, score tests using answer key and established criteria, obtain standardized test scores from student records, collaborate with teacher to identify learning gaps and to plan and implement instructional strategies to meet the needs of each student; provide student progress information to teachers and staff, and as authorized, to parents;
Provide routine clerical support to teachers, including setting up and maintaining student and other files; updating information in CUM folders for each student; preparing attendance reports; filing student work, tests and other materials in the appropriate files; making photocopies of tests, classroom materials and student work; laminating and die-cutting materials for bulletin boards or instructional aids, and laminating student artwork; keyboard lists, class work, and certificates on a computer and/or typewriter; reply to correspondence at teacher's request; correct and record test grades and homework.
Prepare and assist with art projects; conceptualize and prepare bulletin boards; prepare visual aids such as flash cards.
Monitor students while on playground during recess and lunch time; instruct students in playground sports; console children and give basic first aid assistance for injuries (such as minor bumps or scrapes that do not require further care) and request appropriate assistance for more serious injury or illness; monitor special education students as they arrive and leave school and wait for busses and parent transportation; assist students with fine-motor skills;
Assist teacher in maintaining an appropriate learning environment, discipline, restrain or remove students from classroom when behavior becomes disruptive, uncontrollable or harmful to the child or others; listen and note what students share; adhere to child abuse reporting procedures; help supervise students on field trips.
Constantly reinforce children's self-esteem, self-image and morale with lots of praise; encourage independence and self-confidence outside the classroom.
Provide physical assistance to students, when necessary; assist disabled students with specialized equipment, such as computer, hearing aid, wheel chair, walker, and braces, as needed. Administer medication to students, in accordance with District policy. Provide specialized care and assistance to children in accordance with administrative approval and training and written instructions provided by parents and medical professionals, such as blood and urine tests, injections, catherization, feeding tube, and suctioning. Contact parents if problems in providing specialized care are encountered. Assist children in the use of restroom facilities, cleaning themselves, etc.
Assist in maintaining an appropriate instructional environment by organizing materials, cleaning up work areas after learning activities, putting materials away after use, cleaning sink after projects; clean desk and table tops; pack materials for storage during off track periods; unpack materials and prepare classroom for student use.
Serve on assigned committees and teams; participate in disaster preparedness drills; participate in District mandated training and retraining programs.
Perform related work as required.
Knowledge of:
General concepts presented in preK-12 curriculum.
Practical learning patterns and behavior.
Basic concepts of child development and of the respective behavior characteristics.
General needs and behavior of students with learning disabilities.
Correct English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Reading and writing in English and phonics and basic reading principles.
Number concepts and general arithmetic.
Operation of standard office equipment.
Basic record-keeping techniques.
Appropriate safety precautions and procedures.
Ability to:
Plan and teach concepts in assigned learning center areas in clear, concise language and use varied techniques for different learning skills.
Communicate in English with students and motivate them to participate in learning activities.
Encourage and motivate children with varying abilities.
Learn to reinforce teaching in special subject matter areas or to assist students who have special learning needs by watching teachers or specialists.
Learn and adapt to new procedures and conditions.
Recognize hazards to safety.
Learn laws, rules, practices, and procedures related to public education and related to the program to which assigned.
Perform routine clerical work.
Maintain accurate records.
Learn to use classroom technology, audio/visual equipment and other instructional equipment.
Supervise students in classrooms, on field trips, and out-of-doors.
Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Must meet No Child Left Behind requirements: AA degree, 48 semester units or rigorous testing
Any combination of training, education and experience which demonstrates possession of the knowledge and abilities stated above, and the ability to perform the duties of the position. A typical qualifying entrance background is experience working with children in a learning environment. College level education in child development, learning theory, and areas related to the District curriculum is desirable.
The Physical Abilities and Other Conditions of Employment listed in this section are representative of, but are not intended to provide an exhaustive list of Physical Abilities and Other Conditions of Employment which may be required of positions in this class. Benicia Unified School District encourages persons with disabilities who are interested in employment in this class and need reasonable accommodation of those disabilities to contact the Personnel Department for further information.
Vision: (which may be corrected) to read normal print; to read a computer screen.
Hearing: (which may be corrected) to hear sounds which warn of potential danger; to hear speech in a classroom setting.
Smell: to distinguish strong odors such as those associated with fire.
Speech: able to be understood in face-to-face communications; to speak with a level of proficiency and volume to be understood in a classroom; to be able to speak for prolonged periods of time.
Upper Body Mobility: use hands and fingers to feel, grasp, and manipulate small objects; manipulate fingers, twist and bend at wrist and elbow; extend arms to reach outward and upward; use hands and arms to lift objects; twist and bend at torso; turn, raise, and lower head.
Lower Body Mobility: to walk on even and uneven surfaces; bend at waist; stoop; stand for prolonged periods of 50 minutes; climb stairs; and step over objects.
Strength: to lift and/or carry objects which weigh as much as 10 pounds on a regular basis; to push/pull objects which weigh as much as 50 pounds on an occasional basis. Some positions may require regular lifting and physical support of children who may weigh more than 50 pounds.
Environmental Requirements: encounter constant work interruptions; work cooperatively with others; work independently; work inside; work around dirt/dust. Assist children to use restroom facilities and to clean themselves.
Mental Requirements: read, write, understand, interpret and apply information at a 12th grade proficiency level; math skills at a 12th grade proficiency level; judgement and the ability to process information quickly; learn quickly and follow verbal procedures and standards; give verbal instruction; copying; coordinating; demonstrating.
Requirements for Applying
Experience working with Special Education students requiredThis position requires an AA or 48 semester units in related fieldPLEASE see Job Description for all needed experience, education and requirements for position
Application ResumeRecent Letters of Recommendation
Requirements for Applying
Experience working with Special Education students requiredThis position requires an AA or 48 semester units in related fieldPLEASE see Job Description for all needed experience, education and requirements for position
Application ResumeRecent Letters of Recommendation
OPEN TO OUTSIDE APPLICANTS ON NOVEMBER 17, 2017. Fingerprint and TB Clearance will be required as conditions of employment The filing of this position is contingent upon board approval You will be contacted by phone if selected for an interviewThe BUSD does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, national origin, creed, arrest or conviction record, or any reason prohibited by State or Federal law. Employees of this District are required to comply with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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